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The next issue will be out early next year.

Lune Fiction 23 (2/11/09): 'Why the Pendel Witches had to die' and stuff is currently unavailable

Lune Fiction 22 - The Jungle of Calais (21/07/09): A Xmas Tale

Lune Fiction 21 - Nausea (06/02/09): Of ghouls, demons & clowns

Lune Fiction 20 (31/10/08): Of badgers, feathers & Bertolt Brecht

Lune Fiction 19 (29/02/08): Some classics plus a brand new story by HS

Lune Fiction 18 - Tales From the Loyne (24/12/07): A Children`s Special

Lune Fiction 17 (14/12/07): Of lollipops, cacti and prostitutes

Lune Fiction 16 - Rage Against The Dying Light (31/10/07): In my art, my sullen craft, I find the strength to overcome all attachment.

Lune Fiction 15 - The Delayed Issue (06/09/07): The happy tale of a semi-colon and other heart-warming stories.

Lune Fiction 14 - Dreamscape  (18/6/07): The owl spreads it wings when dusk falls.

Lune Fiction 13 - Tales From The Loyne (30/4/07): Strange Creatures Of The Lune

Lune Fiction 12 (19/3/07): A new interpretation of Hamlet & a picture of two bassets

Lune Fiction 11 (9/2/07): A celebration of the Year of the Pig! (Or something)

Lune Fiction 10 (20/12/06): The strange case of the Moon Potatoes & other odd tales

Lune Fiction 9 (11/11/06): An LF Special on spiders, hypertext & beer

Lune Fiction 8 (2/10/06): The best issue yet? Contains a Zebra

Lune Fiction 7 - Tales From The Loyne) (21/8/06): Herschel Waters sets a classic folktale in Cumbria (with motorbikes & a pig)

Lune Fiction 6 (10/7/06): In which various things are broached & discussed: Cats, Dürrenmatt, Smoking, Pain and so on. Has got some great pictures and a lesson in English.

Lune Fiction 5 (12/6/06): A Lune Fiction Special on sunflowers, sunflowers, Gods, Kings, sunflowers, Monsters and, if we haven't mentioned it yet, sunflowers.

Lune Fiction 4 (15/5/06): Where do we come from ? Where are we heading? We don't know but Alexander The Great's in this issue.

Lune Fiction 3 - Tales From The Loyne (17/4/06): Hendryk Korzeniowski on why God isn't dead and why he smells funny.

Lune Fiction 2 (20/3/06): A bit like Europe's largest company Shell. Anglo-Dutch in name but predominately Dutch in nature. Has got some Australian stuff in it.

Lune Fiction 1 (20/2/06): stuff, midges, psychotic fruit & more stuff. And the very first issue incidentally.

My solicitors Gog & Magog would like to point out that all copyright © belongs to the contributors and me, Humble Sam. In plain English this means that the copyright of the individual pieces in the magazines belongs to the authors but everything else belongs to Lune Fiction. Opinions and ideas expressed here are those of the contributors and editor but not the publisher.
I, Humble Sam, would like to thank Han.